What is France Profession Libérale Visa?

This visa allows individuals to engage in commercial, industrial, artisanal, or liberal professions (such as law, medicine, or accounting) for a period of one ­­­­year. It is essential that the business or profession pursued, positively contributes to the French economy.


People residing outside France can apply for this visa through French consular authorities in their respective countries of residence. This visa provides a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals to establish their businesses in France and contribute to the country’s economy

Benefits of getting a Profession Libérale Visa

Why Choose France For Business?

France's dynamic business environment, strategic location, skilled workforce, robust infrastructure, and supportive policies attract startups to multinational corporations. Access to European markets, strong R&D, and a vibrant culture make it an ideal hub for business growth and success.

Robust Economy
French Citizenship
Quality of Life
Entrepreneurial Support
Cultural Diversity and Networking
Networking Opportunities
Government Support
Economic Contribution
Access to European Markets
Innovation and Research Support
Explore, Indulge, and Cherish Memorable Moments!

Top 5 Activity Types on Entrepreneur Visa in France

How to get your visa

Your Guide to Securing an Professional Libérale Visa for France

Step 1

Register your Company

Step 2

Create your company profile

Step 3

Open a Corporate Bank Account

Step 4

Prepare a Business Plan

Step 5

Prove Economic Viability

Step 6

Check for Eligibility

Step 7

Prepare authentic Documents

Step 8

Apply and Await for Visa

Step 9

Obtain Residence Permit

Professional Libérale Visa Requirements

Your checklist for obtaining Professional Libérale Visa

Professional Liberal Requirement
  • Self-employed professionals in fields like law, medicine, and accounting are eligible.

  • The business must positively impact the French economy, creating jobs and fostering innovation.

  • Applicants must submit a business plan outlining how their venture will benefit the local economy.

  • The applicant must make a minimum investment of 30,000 euros in their project.


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common faqs

Frequently Asked Questions?

Who qualifies for the France Professional Liberal Visa?

The visa is for self-employed professionals and entrepreneurs aiming to work in France, contributing positively to the economy.

What professions are eligible for this visa?

Commercial, industrial, artisanal, and liberal professions, like law or medicine, qualify. Specific professions vary; check the updated list.

How long is the visa valid initially?

Typically, it's valid for one year, allowing professionals to establish their businesses. Extensions are possible, subject to conditions.

Can dependents accompany the visa holder?

NO, dependents can apply for accompanying visas, allowing them to reside with the visa holder in France.

What are the financial requirements for this visa?

Applicants are required to demonstrate financial stability, showcasing their capability to support themselves and any dependents during their stay. This includes an investment of at least 30,000 euros in the project, proof of sufficient monthly minimum resources equivalent to the minimum wage, and holding a diploma at least equivalent to a master's degree or having 5 years of professional experience at a comparable level. These financial criteria are essential for the successful application of this visa.

Can the visa holder change their registered profession?

Changing the registered profession might require a revaluation of visa status; applicants should consult local authorities for guidance.

Can I travel to other Schengen countries with a business visitor visa for France?

Yes, a business visitor visa for France generally allows travel to other Schengen countries, provided France is the main destination or the first country of entry.

What should I do if my business visitor visa application is denied?

If your application is denied, review the rejection reasons provided, and consider reapplying with a strengthened application addressing any concerns raised. Consulting with visa experts may be beneficial.

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